Goodbye 2017 – thank you for all that you’ve taught me

2017 started off in Axbridge, thanks to our lovely kind friends Loretta and Chris. Sadly the first 3 months weren’t so great, apart from doing my tour guide training I was in a bad place. I was in a very bad place mentally, I dreaded going to work and I dreaded going home, this in turn meant I couldnt face going out socially. Getting hit by a car didn’t help and I’m disappointed the police did nothing about it.

Thankfully Lauren and Tim kindly shared their home and families with us in April and my mood drastically improved, just in time for Boycee to start his 6 months of volunteering. Work improved and by mid summer I was quite enjoying it.

2017 was the year of doing things I’d always wanted to do, unfortunately it meant I couldn’t do as much Open Top work. We went to some really cool festivals, highlights being Priddy, where stone cold sober I danced until 2am. The allotment became a big part of my week, and being outdoors was fantastic.

I finally had some supporting artist work, and I appeared as a reformed alcoholic in an episode of Casualty and then worked on a feature film being released next year. It was nice being back in filming after such a long break.

The highlight of my year was when my dream came true and I saw the sun rise from Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice.

I also got to tap into my creative side again, an artists mini adventure and a luscher colour test therapy session steered me in the right direction at the end of Spring when work let me take an extended break to sort my head out. August saw me make a wicker basket but September is when the magic really happened – I went back to pole dancing. Boycee also got his first paid gig as an eco builder which made me super proud of all the hard work he had put in.

There was some sadness as well, I lost two of my colleagues, Craig and Mike. Craig’s funeral was bittersweet as it gave an opportunity to see some of my old work family and it felt as if the past 5 years hadn’t happened. Sadly I was away for Mike’s funeral.

Sitting in Phnom Penh writing this is very surreal, our Asian adventure was meant to be 2016, but Im glad we are doing now. I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the challenges backpacking has presented. Crossing the road being one of them.

Ive discovered and been blessed with some new friendships throughout the year, some semi-older friendships seem to have declined but maybe its because everyone has all kinds of stuff going on in their lives that people aren’t always aware of.

My credit rating is getting better, it started in January at 292 and I’m over the moon its now creeped up to the 700s – no thanks to a certain energy supplier.

2018 is a blank chapter, but I would like to spend time at the allotment with Boycees help), explore some new places, spend more time with people special in my life, buy a home, continue to minimise my plastic use and continue pole dancing. I’m so happy with the way things turned around, it’s proof to believe in yourself, explore within yourself and just do what makes you happy.

Love ya!

Toodles x



I’m good at organising or so people think, people usually look at me and automatically assume I’m an organised person and to a certain extent I am.  However, my strength lies in organising others and things, just not my own life.

Tomorrow we fly to Thailand, we had been talking about it for a while but nothing was actually booked until 10 days ago.  I left my (temp job of 19 months) on Friday – Yes – Two days ago!  I knew I wanted to be in Thailand for Loi Krathong, the festival of the Water Goddess.

We were prepared with the injections though, we started our course of rabies immunisation 4 weeks ago.  I don’t like needles, but the lovely nurse lady at Nomads in Bristol was fab.  She even gave me a sticker for being brave. 

Leaving work was pretty sad, people who know me, know I’m quite an emotional person.  I didn’t realise it at the time but over the months Id become really settled in my role and was surrounded by some great colleagues who I am happy to now call my friends.  My desk was decorated epically, with the additional touch of a pack of tissues!  And I was spoiled with lovely gifts from people as well as hugs.  

The trip is largely unplanned, mostly due to my lack of organisation and lack of spare time to make any arrangements. So watch this space!! 

Maintaining Me

I love this post from a fellow traveller who I am gifted to be able to call her a friend.


I called the family cat “Beetroot” this morning.

Classic Mix up.

Me oh my how the tables have turned..

I feel like it’s the bit of travel I like the least. Culture Shock upon re-entering a society I know. Exposure to the big wide world had me on my toes, coping with the day to day – figuring out the ways to thrive as best I could.

Though I’ve been back in the Pacific a little over 3 weeks all together now, I’m still coming to grips with the way in which we live. An abrupt change as my life on the road morphed from street side Vietnamese style to the self absorbed metropolis of Chapel Street in Melbourne – my first stop. Mentally, I hadn’t made adequate preparation for re-entering the “normal” way of life. I can remember clearly the first morning as I walked around central Melbourne fresh…

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Let’s get this show on the road!

I’m a busy person, always trying new things, doing weird and wonderful stuff. I’ve done this my whole life, from film making and acting to pole dancing, voluntary community work to coach driving and much more – in short I am a multifaceted person always looking to try new things and make the most out if life.

My friends and randoms I meet often ask if I have a blog. I’ve never had one, despite knowing deep down wanting to blog. In some way put my rather odd but ordinary life in some form of collection(?) (is that the right word?)

Which brings me to the right words – I do get a little confused about what words to use. The narrative in my head is entertaining, but yet when I try to describe things to people I kinda clam up. Never finding the right words or sentences to construct a proper sentence without sounding like an idiot and because I speak quite quietly, I get asked “Pardon?” My mind immediately races, did they not hear me or did I say something completely stupid and they can’t believe their ears.

Also on my list of reasons not to have a blog, was/were my fear of blog platforms. I’m a Libra and choosing a platform was difficult, then a theme.. again another painfully slow decision to make. I’m not happy with my choice but just wanted to start this blog!

Then a name! Another tough one, from my travels to New Zealand and discovering more about myself, it became clear I’m very passionate when it comes to my home city of Bristol. I am quite partial to the Mr Men so the nickname of Little Miss Bristol popped up.

Finally – Here I am. Be gentle with me – in my jumbled life and random thoughts, I aim to bring you an insight into my world.